“I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me”
– Gerardo Suter


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Being the wedding photographer in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic it made me realize how much I love people. That motivation has enabled me to develop genuine connections with people I photograph and allows us to work together with ease. I’m able to capture the most precious moments as my clients open up enabling me to photograph beauty at its finest. Bride will feel comfortable appearing at her best at all times while the couple allow me to capture powerful emotions on their wedding day. I let their energy guide me and inspire me, because it is all about them.

My work combines fine art, portraiture and photojournalism with modern yet timeless touch. I strive to create and capture visual imagery full of raw emotions. Best described as part technique, part creativity, my signature style is always open to the unknown. The in-between moments, A tear on mom’s face, dad hiding emotions behind the sunglasses, maid of honor’s happiness, groom’s excitement of the new beginning and bride’s confident smile are the essence of what makes weddings so powerful. I see these moments as opportunities to witness, enhance and capture forever.

The “secret sauce” that makes everything even better is my experience (I have been shooting weddings for 12 years) and the ability to capture special moments in a very elegant artistic way. No matter the circumstances—from shooting in natural light at sunset to setting up technically complex night photos of speeches, the first dance or couple portraits— you will get perfect results. The final set of photos you’ll get is a blend of spontaneity with an editorial compositions that will take your breath away even thirty years from now.

Aside from weddings, we also create photo shoots, and commercial photography.

Commercial photography is photography that can help market, advertise and sell a product, service or brand. Take a look at our small selection of photographs taken for our clients for magazines, online publications, billboards, flyers, brochures or posters. Whatever your business need may be, our innovative approach can help reveal the detail and feel of a product to your customers.