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Hyatt Ziva wedding. Lucy and Alex, bohemian Hyatt wedding.

Hyatt Ziva wedding. Lucy and Alex, bohemian Hyatt wedding.

Lucy and Alex, modern love story, or how bride from Ohio and groom from Georgia whipped up breathtaking destination wedding at Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana in Dominican Republic.

Even in early stages of the planning process, exchanging emails with Lucy and Alex we knew they are our kind of people. They wanted their own story told with a special touch. Photos that are more than the ordinary ones. Unique angles and creative photos are our ‘love language’ so, it was an instant ‘click’.

I promise you quite a few giggles and couple of goosebumps if you read their full love story, you can thank me later for making your day bright and shiny! (Comments are allowed on this post).

Lucy and Alex met like many modern couples do… online! Their first date was Lucy’s first EVER online date… and it was Alex’s last. However, that’s where the “normal” part of the evening ended. After the initial “wow” of seeing each other in person, they cloistered themselves in a dimly lit Belgian beer bar sharing secrets and stories. With some people you have to build trust, but they both felt they could instantly be open and vulnerable with one another. Lucy was drawn to Alex’s devil-may-care attitude. Alex was drawn to Lucy’s adventurous spirit. The two ended the evening smooching on the steps of the historic Decatur courthouse (the same place Alex would propose two years later). A passerby loudly said “don’t mind me”, and Alex and Lucy gladly complied.

So, after such first date, the proposal couldn’t be lacking romance. Their first date and proposal mirrored one another, both happened on the courthouse steps in downtown Decatur, GA, USA. Alex proposed on November 14th 2020, exactly one year before the wedding date, almost to the hour. For the proposal, Alex suggested grabbing beers at the same pub where the they shared first date. Afterward, they visited the courthouse steps, as they usually do when they’re in the area. Lucy was looking up at the building commenting on the way the structure looked in the late afternoon sunlight, and when she turned to look at Alex, he was down on one knee.

With Lucy’s family living in Ohio and Alex’s living in Georgia, they knew the wedding would be a destination for at least half of the guests. So, they decided to make it a destination for everybody in the beautiful DR. With two goals on mind: that everybody has a fantastic vacation and celebration, and that they get married!

For their wedding venue in Dominican Republic, they choose Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana, an amazing all-inclusive resort on the beautiful Juanillo Beach.

The wedding decor theme was tropical bohemian, with lots of wood grain and handmade artisanal decor. There were sea glass place settings, custom wooden table numbers and cake topper, tropical print table cards, welcome notes, and invitations. Palm fronds and other tropical plant leaves were recurring motif. Keen observers may also have noticed couple’s two cats, Little Buddy and Gus, represented on custom cocktail sign. Tropical local flowers embellished ceremony arch, bridal bouquet, groom’s boutonnière, and reception centerpieces. The wedding colors were dusky blue and deep teal, drawing inspiration from the surrounding.

Here is how they replay on how they choose their wedding day outfits:

Lucy: I adore lace and was thrilled when I found a lace pattern that was fun and unique. I knew I wanted a fitted mermaid silhouette to add a little sass to the overall look, so it was a whole moment when I found my dress and tried it on to find that it fit like a glove! My Maid of Honor made the suggestion of adding off the shoulder sleeves (something I associate with a romantic, beachy wedding), and the slight sparkle in the veil was irresistible. Finally, I was inspired by the opera Carmen to add a flower to my hair, because why not! The result is a look that is timeless and screams “tropical beach wedding.”

Alex: I knew I wanted to have a dusky blue suit because the color is evocative of the ocean, and also looks good on me. I wanted something that would “pop” against the sand especially. The rest of the look was about clean details: an open white collar because ties are too stuffy for the beach, crisp white pocket square, and cognac leather to contrast with the blue and mirror the brown wood hues in the wedding decor.

For the wedding party we went for relaxed formal. A simple look that would be comfortable, but also turn some heads with stylish flair. Much like Alex’s suit, the dusky blue, deep teal, and warm browns were meant to mirror natural colors around us.

They told us that music played a large role on their wedding day. There were songs meaningful for them as a couple but also songs that had significance between them and their loved ones. It was the kind of music where a song comes on and you lock eyes with a friend across the room and share an “Oh YEAH!” moment. As the bride and the groom, their favorite part of the day was pausing at different moments and seeing all the people we love most having the time of their lives. Whether it was laughing, dancing, enjoying great food or drinks, there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t perfectly happy.

The most anticipated moment of the wedding day was when they first look at each other down the aisle. ”It was a long day of getting ready and attending to final details, but we both knew where it would lead, and the excitement of seeing each other for the first time was electric.”

Here is their advice for future couples planning their wedding:

Most importantly, accept that not everything will go perfectly and be ready and excited to go with the flow. Weddings are about the energy you bring, and if you are determined to have a great time no matter what, then you will have a great time no matter what! Once you have that mindset, trust your gut and choose people you trust to take care of the details that are most important to you and then give them the creative freedom to do their thing. This extends to photography, videography, etc. but also your wedding party as well.


Vendors List:

– Venue: Hyatt Ziva & Zilara Cap Cana
– Travel Agent: Lisa Zwissler at Beach Bum Vacations
– Photography: Photo Cine Art
– Videography: Victor at Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana
– Ceremony Officiant: Andres
– Hair and Makeup Artist: Anna Nuet
– Florist: Hyatt Ziva
– Cake: Hyatt Ziva
– Bride Dress: Carrie’s Bridal Collection
– Shoes: Sam Edelman
– Veil: Carrie’s Bridal Collection
– Bridesmaids Dresses: Baltic Born
– Groom Suit: Hugo Boss
– Groomsman’s suits: Calvin Klein
– Entertainment: Weddings by JSAV Hyatt
– Stationary: Etsy
– Gifts for the guests: Etsy


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Dreams Palm Beach Felicia & Shaun’s Punta Cana destination wedding.

Dreams Palm Beach Felicia & Shaun’s Punta Cana destination wedding.

Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana destination wedding.

Felicia & Shaun’s love story brought them from Canada to our “jewel of the Caribbean” – Dominican Republic for a small but beautiful wedding at the Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana hotel. Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana hotel is small family-friendly getaway for couples and couples with children on the sun-soaked beach on the east coast of the Dominican Republic. “For our wedding we wanted something that would be more than just a day to remember. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted a destination wedding. Convincing Shaun was easy, one-week free beer. Our colors were navy and blush, we wanted the simplest beachy wedding”.

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings at Dreams Palm Beach, but what sets Felicia & Shaun’s wedding apart was the amount of love and positive vibes radiating from the two of them and all their guests that made real pleasure to work with them. Felicia & Shaun’s love story is wonderful to witness. You can see their love for each other in the way they interact, look at each other, even the way they hold one another. “At age 18 and 19 we found each other. Both college students, both broke but both in love. We are polar opposites he’s quiet, and shy, and well I know some say opposites attract. I was lucky to find the one. I met my husband through a friend. She was on social media and she showed me a picture of him and I thought oh wow he’s cute. I friend requested him on Facebook and followed him on twitter. A few weeks later we met at a party. The proposal after 7 LONG years of waiting we took a trip to Point Peele with a few friends, at the beach he got down on one knee and proposed. It was the greatest day ever“, Felicia told us. I hope I succeeded to capture all those sensations on my film.

The absolutely amazing Punta Cana sunset didn’t fail me this time neither at at Dreams Palm Beach hotel. I took some amazing photos of the bride and groom after the ceremony and even managed to capture few sunset shots from the air (photos below the text). The reception was on the beach with incredible Caribbean Ocean as the backdrop. Cutest, sea-inspired decoration was so beautifully complementing long table sitting arrangement. This is what bride told us: “Having the wedding ceremony on the beach provided a beautiful background. Decorations for the reception were 3 vases for the bridesmaids DIY flowers, a few seashells on the table. The names tags for seating arrangement were DIY. We had real floral for my bouquet blush and ivory roses, my bridesmaids bouquets were DIY and brought from home. We wanted to keep the flowers simple“.

A little advice that Felicia have for all future brides: “Don’t try pleasing everyone. We started planning our destination wedding 1 year prior (2020) we all thought covid would be over. We had 30 people put down a deposit for the trip. When it came to final payments it was us plus 10. So many friends and family said we should push it back a year, but we stood our grounds. We wanted to have our wedding this year. I was beyond happy with our trip and wedding“.

They had a ton of beautiful photos from their wedding (exactly 1223 of them, from 6 hours of work). In a text below I’d share some of them for your viewing pleasure.


Vendors List:

– Venue: Dreams Palm Beach Punta Cana
– Travel Agent: Kim Machan at Essence of Romance Travel
– Photography: Photo Cine Art
– Ceremony Officiant: Resort Officiant
– Hair and Makeup Artist: hair: Resort SPA, make up: sister-in-law Shayla
– Cake: Resort
– Bride Dress: David’s Bridal
– Bridesmaids Dresses: Etsy
– Groom Suit: Moores
– Groomsman’s suits: Moores


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Choosing the right photography style for your wedding

(and why you might want to use a combination!)

Choosing the right style of wedding photography can get a little confusing! Looking at the portfolios of providers will give you lots of inspiration, but how do you describe how you would like your wedding to be immortalized as you look through your wedding album years from now? This is where the style of photography comes into play, and having a little know how will help your photographer in delivering the photos of your dreams! All of the photographers use a combination of two or more of the below mentioned styles, but it is very, very, VERY important to choose photographer with the style that resonate with you the most. Here are couple of most recognizable styles in contemporary wedding photography:

Traditional Photography

You have no doubt seen this as you’ve flicked through your grandparents wedding albums! It catches the key moments throughout the day, and are often posed or staged to make sure everyone is captured in their best light. The photographer will give a lot of direction to make sure the picture is as perfect as can be! Of course, it’s important to get these group photos which are traditional for wedding photography. It is a beautiful keepsake and a reminder of the people who were there and the special day itself. However, we also want to capture other moments which we simply can’t in a staged photograph.


Traditional bridal party photography


Photojournalistic Style

“The father of the bride face crinkles as he is overwhelmed with the emotion of his daughter in her wedding dress, as the light of the sun catches a tear on the brides face as she delicately lifts her hand to wipe it, careful not to smudge her makeup. As they turn to walk the aisle together, a soft breeze blows through her wedding dress, the delicate crystals of the gown sparkling. The groom takes a deep breath before he turns to face his bride, and his face lights up with her beauty, the guests all facing her with joy.”


Photojournalistic Style


This small description of the first moments of a wedding has so many beautiful photo opportunities. As it happens, your photographer will be clicking away to document all of it. This style involves a lot of quick thinking, quick movement, creativity, and skill. Knowledge of equipment is vital as the day is documented, as photographers switch settings, lenses and lighting (either natural or artificial) to capture each magical moment. Photographers go with the flow with this style, no posing at all, and it creates a real and natural visual storyboard of the day. The results evoke a lot of emotions as you relive the whole event.


dad giving daughter away, by Photo Cine Art


Editorial Style

A combination of traditional photography, fine art, and a little bit of magical storytelling gives us an editorial style. As the name suggests, this style is adapted from the fashion magazines we all recognize, and has the same polish.


Choosing the right photography style for your wedding

Dramatic textures are added to the image using items from the wedding, such as decorations. The location also plays a big part as it compliments and contrasts with details of the couple. Although the photographer will direct the couple a lot, the end result has to look completely natural, and absolutely perfect, wedding magazines worthy.


Dramatic textures editorial photo by Photo Cine Art


Fine Art Style

During a shoot of potentially thousands of images in one wedding, it can be difficult to avoid many images becoming too similar. This is where the fine art style comes into play. It creates images that are personal only to the couple, and that cannot be recreated. There’s an artistic perspective added and different angles are used, which creates masterpieces from your special day. Fine art photography goes beyond displaying the subject. It expresses the emotion and feeling behind it all.


Choosing the right photography style for your wedding by Photo Cine Art


Among the photographic community, wedding photography finds its voice difficult to be heard. Which is why wedding photographers are pushing boundaries, to demonstrate how versatile and incredible wedding photography can be!

While we’re here, let’s talk about a couple of other points you may wish to consider:

Color grading

Filters can also be used post production to give a ‘vintage’ feel to photographs. Depending on the location of the wedding it can be appropriate to use color distortion filters to turn images into works of art. Remember that your location is one of the centerpieces of your day, so be sure to follow the recommendation of your photographer, as sometimes the location itself needs no filter.


Color grading photo by Photo Cine Art



Lighting is one of the most important tools a photographer uses, it is very popular to use only natural lighting. This gives amazing results, and it is a very distinct style of its own.


Airy style Choosing the right photography style for your wedding


However, that doesn’t mean that studio lighting doesn’t have an important role to play. To really make blue skies blue, and catch all of the colors and sparkles of the wedding, studio lighting creates contrast which is not possible using natural light alone.


Choosing the right photography style for your wedding by Photo Cine Art



One of the things you’ll be considering while planning your wedding is your color scheme. Preferred style of many photographers is to shoot weddings light and ‘airy’ with pastel shades and delicate contrasts.


Airy flowers by Photo Cine Art


However, for those who want something a little more adventurous, we have news! Up and coming for 2020 weddings are COLORS, and lots of them! The bolder the better! A lot of neo mint (not quite pink, not quite purple). Yellow, rich hue with earthy undertones and faded denim, a blue that’s equally fresh and serene.


Colorful flowers by Milan Photo Cine Art

Full colors decor by Photo Cine Art


So, experiment and explore! Your photographer will love creating gorgeous photos with crisp contrasts and daring colors!



Perfect photographer

Now imagine a photographer who has technical know-how, talent and skills to approach all genres of photography and give you powerful imagery which is not influenced by current fashion in wedding photography and therefore stand its value forever. Add a lot of passion into that mix – and there you have perfect photographer :).


Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana, Jessica & Brandon’s destination wedding, Dominican Republic

Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana, Jessica & Brandon’s destination wedding, Dominican Republic

Dreams Royal Beach Punta Cana. Jessica and Brandon came from cold spring in Canada to the Caribbean beach in Punta Cana to make their dream wedding.

Surrounded by closest family and friends, they exchange vows on the beach in Dreams Royal Beach and continued to the terrace reception and party.

But there was something special in the air that day…

“Getting married after you’ve lost a parent is such a bittersweet thing. You’re so excited to be marrying your other half, but the build-up to your big day is slightly tinged with the fact that your Mam or Dad isn’t with you to celebrate. There’s no right or wrong way to mark it on your wedding day, it completely depends on where you’re at, how you feel, and what’s appropriate for you, your other half and your families.” (One Fab Day Com)

Brandon entered Jessica’s life in one very difficult moment, right after her father died. She said that she knew that her father sent him into her life, and Brandon lived up to the expectation. I think there wasn’t dry eye in the audience, including the one behind lens, during the speeches when they mentioned Jessica’s dad. The feeling of eternal love was so strong.


– Venue: Now Larimar Resort – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

– Photography: Photo Cine Art

– Ceremony Officiant: Hotel Officiant


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Ashley & Komi’s Elopement at Kukua beach Club & Restaurant, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Ashley & Komi’s Elopement at Kukua beach Club & Restaurant, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

It was a perfect day for a January wedding Elopement at Kukua restaurant, in the Caribbean. It was the experience of a totally intimate wedding celebration. It was a day focused on just the two of them. Elopements strip away the pressure, anxiety and obligation related with having a traditional wedding. Weather couldn’t been better. Punta Cana is well known for it’s great tropical weather all-year-round. A beautiful pyramid-like wedding arch all made of greenery has been custom made in the middle of the beach for their wedding ceremony, waiting for their entry. Kukua restaurant is located on the gorgeous Bavaro Beach, so behind their gazebo there was breathtaking view of the turquoise ocean and stunning sandy beach. Perfect backdrop to any destination wedding. Kukua Punta Cana is well known for their beautiful custom designs for each and every one of their destination weddings. The glowing couple where full of emotions and beside the gorgeous sunset, the day was illuminated by their smiles too. After emotional ceremony, they had romantic dinner under the same gazebo on the beach with gentle ocean breeze and gazing at starry sky and each other eyes.

It was true pleasure to witness their love, I hope you will enjoy in the photos as much as I enjoyed in working with these gorgeous people.


– Venue: Kukua Beach Club – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

– Photography: Photo Cine Art

– Ceremony Officiant: Alejandro Angulo (Kukua’s Officiant)


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