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Punta Cana Photo Shoot Locations – Amazing Sites to Capture Your Love for One Another!

Punta Cana Photo Shoot Locations – Amazing Sites to Capture Your Love for One Another!

We have a special treat for all our Blog readers. In today’s blog post Punta Cana Photo Shoot Locations, we had a great pleasure to feature a post by a local company that brings amazing events to life. DIDEA Events & Entertainment – Punta Cana does events, weddings as well as dance shows and live music.

DIDEA Events & Entertainment write about 3 stunning locations for a couple’s photo shoot in Punta Cana, inspired by their experience with their clients.
Read along as you imagine yourselves at these beautiful sceneries, surrounded by turquoise waters and swaying palm trees.

We bet you already know what Punta Cana is about – a mini paradise in the Caribbean, where travelers get lost in the natural beauty. If you and your loved one are here for a vacation and feel like exploring a little bit more, think about a romantic photo shoot. It’s the perfect way to experience new, amazing locations and create a memory you will cherish forever.


1. Los Corales Beach

Located in the area of Bavaro, Los Corales Beach offers outstanding sea views, lush palm trees and white soft sand. The daytime atmosphere is lively, with a possibility to experience the vibrant local culture.


Photo Cine Art Los Corales DIDEA Events & Entertainment Punta Cana

Photo Cine Art Los Corales DIDEA Events & Entertainment Punta Cana


For a romantic photo shoot, we advise arriving early in the morning.
The sunrise at this beach is AMAZING, and there is rarely anyone there at that time. It’s simply perfect for you and your loved one to relax, enjoy and let yourselves be free.

Besides the beach, there is a small, Mediterranean-style village you can explore and have it as a backdrop to your pictures. The diversity of this beautiful place is ideal for the daring couples, looking for something different and unique.


Los Corales Punta Cana DIDEA Events & Entertainment

Macao beach Punta Cana by Photo Cine Art


2. Cabeza de Toro

A real hidden gem, Cabeza de Toro is an intimate place where you can enjoy complete privacy. The calm, bay-like area is off the beaten path, which makes Cabeza de Toro one of the most appealing Punta Cana photo shoot locations (and our personal favorite).


Cabeza de Toro photo by DIDEA Events & Entertainment

Cabeza de Toro photo by DIDEA Events & Entertainment


We recommend this site for those romantic couples who’d like to see the Caribbean warmth and tropics reflected in their photos.

Ideally, a mid-day photo session with all the dreamy colors is the right way to go. There is also a horse-ranch nearby, and we can book one of the horses as a beautiful addition to your photo shoot.


Punta Cana Photo Shoot Locations

Punta Cana Photo Shoot Locations by Photo Cine Art


3. Cap Cana

For the high-end couples who enjoy luxury and lavishness, the Cap Cana area is perfect as a photo shoot location.

Small streets, cute shops and restaurants, plus the extravagant Marina offer a background that’s hard to resist. The Marina’s architecture is inspired by Italy, so the look and feel is exactly as if you were in Venice.


Cap Cana by DIDEA Events & Entertainment

Cap Cana by DIDEA Events & Entertainment


This original place is best for a sunset photo session, when the colorful clouds reflect the water and make you feel like you’re in a fairy-tale.


Marina Cap Cana by DIDEA Events & Entertainment

Marina Cap Cana by DIDEA Events & Entertainment



We hope you enjoyed this read by DIDEA Events & Entertainment and their take on the most amazing Punta Cana photo shoot locations. For more information on their work, you can visit their Instagram profile.
To book a beautiful photo session, please feel free to contact us.

Coco Bongo, Commercial Photography, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Coco Bongo, Commercial Photography, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Coco Bongo is a chain of nightclubs located in Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico and in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. But be warn, this is not an average nightclub. If you are expecting classic discotheque with dance floor and DJ playing all night long, that’s not it. In shortest it is a show in disco-like environment. I was asked to do some professional photo-shoots of the place and the shows, so you have a unique opportunity to see some of the fun and behind the scene workflow.

On the entrance of the Coco Bongo in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, there is a Congo Bar which is fantastic place to hang out with your crew, or grab some shots while waiting to enter with Congo dancers to entertain you on the way.

It is super safe and organized place, but be aware once inside, it can get really crowded, although there will be constant flow of liquor from amazing waiters, which make everything easier.

The night is divided into a parts with internationally known DJ playing music hits for all generations, music you can dance to, some old hits that will bring good memories back and some new ones to make you move your feet, and with show parts. There is no place for boredom, these two fun parts will shift and you’ll dance deeply into the night in no time.

From the shows you can see many famous singers’ imitators from Michael Jackson and Madonna to Queen, as well some serious artists as flying acrobats performing Phantom of the Opera, Trojan warriors, Batman, Spiderman and many more, some of them will take your breaths away that’s for sure.

Confetti, balloons and lot of drinks, if you are on vacation in Punta Cana and up for some fun – this is a right place to be. Perfect place for Bachelorette Parties, Birthday celebrations, getting into vacation mood or simply having fun!

We had a pleasure to photograph the best show in Punta Cana. Hope you’ll enjoy the result:


Ways to contact them:

– Website: Coco Bongo

– Tel: 1 809 466-1111 / 1 829 249-4422

– Email: [email protected]

– Photos by: Photo Cine Art