Meet Photo Cine Art - Punta Cana Wedding Photographer and Videographer

I say life is made of three things: 1. knowing yourself completely and learning everything about who you are, 2. understanding your purpose in life, whether it’s wealth, fame, power, wisdom, love… 3. And the third thing is: achieving the second thing. Then you will feel fulfilled and live a complete, happy life.
Through life’s ups and downs, I recognized early on what I was missing. My life purpose was my other half. I felt incomplete, like life lacked meaning and purpose. So, my search began, initially unintentionally as I was young and had time. I went through various phases – intentional searches, chance encounters, and years spent with someone – only to realize it wasn’t my destiny. Then that I was just not meant to be loved in this life…

Disappointments even led me to doubt the existence of love. All the while the time was slowly slipping away.

However, as the saying goes, ‘God works in mysterious ways’. As a wedding photographer, I witnessed older couples all in tears in the middle of the ceremony. Her two teenage kids standing behind her, his two children from previous marriage behind him. And the two of them are crying happy tears during the ceremony. At that moment you realize that love does exist and that you shouldn’t give up hope!
At that same time, my now-wife Nata was experiencing a similar situation in my home country. She actually already gave up and was imagining herself alone in her apartment with 10 cats around her. Her last phase was the conclusion that love wasn’t meant for her and found peace with that realization.

As Paulo Coelho was saying in his book Alchemist, main character, dreaming of discovering buried gold under a tree, embarked on countless adventures, journeyed across the world, only to ultimately uncover the treasure at the very same tree from where his travels began. I went back to my country to renew my passport, accidentally met my wife the first night when I came home. We zinged at that same moment and spent every waking moment together all three weeks I was there. She followed me here to beautiful Punta Cana. To this day I’m thanking God for sending her to me, and still wondering how I deserved her, and she is still lamenting about why we didn’t meet sooner.

Meet Photo Cine Art – Punta Cana Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Hey there, thank you so much for stopping by! We are Milan and Nata, proud owners of Photo Cine Art, passionate wedding photographers based in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Living on this enchanting island for the last 24 years has been a dream, especially as we’ve had the joy of capturing the happiest memories in this picture-perfect location for the last 15 years. Nothing short of amazing!

As a lead photographer, I’ll be behind the lens on your special day. With a background in graphic design and over 15 years in wedding photography pretty much explains my photographic style – documentary photography with creative, editorial look compositions (just some fancy words for the photos that make you go wow). Of course, during the event there is no time for posing and preparation of the shoots, so the years of experience and my creative eye comes to play. It is really true what they say about the camera become a part of your body. I don’t need to think about technicalities (settings on the camera, lights…), that is automatic for me. I just focus on the emotions and most creative angles to capture them.

Nata is the wizard behind of it all. She is our planner, coordinator extraordinaire, accountant, editor, and my flag under which I’m fighting life’s battles. She is not just the architect of our digital narrative; she’s the heartbeat, infusing vitality into every interaction and fostering connections that transcend the virtual realm. Her commitment, vision, and unwavering determination are the bedrock of all our triumphs.

Contact us today to book your wedding photography coverage in Punta Cana. Let’s create some magic together!