Punta Cana wedding photographer with the most creative artistic photography and over 15 years of experience, we’re Photo Cine Art!

And you? You’re getting MARRIED! (CONGRATULATIONS!)

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, let me tell you how we work:

I’ll be the one pulling the ninja moves behind palm trees that would make even the most seasoned paparazzi blush. I’ll be laden with complicated looking contraptions perfectly configured to deliver you a fabulous keepsake of your wedding that shows it off in all of its awesomeness. So when the sun tan has faded and you settle into married life, you will be able to relive your tropical wedding any time you want.

You’ve chosen the perfect place to get married, not only because Punta Cana is a magical place of powder white sand and turquoise oceans, but also because I am here! Thanks to this match made in heaven I have the opportunity to share my passion (and if I may say so, awesome skills) in photography and cinematography with you, and I promise we’ll have a lot of fun along the way and that you’ll be thrilled with the results! With over fifteen years of experience and earning some really cool awards along the way, the one thing you no longer have to worry about is your photographs and videos!

Since we’re a young company (at heart, for sure not in experience) we’re able to keep up with even the most energetic of wedding guests, to catch not only the perfect, but also those perfectly imperfect moments that makes weddings AMAZING. You’ll be pleased to hear that I don’t believe with your wedding photos you should have to choose between quality and quantity, so you’re gonna get both, after all, you should start your wedding how you mean to go on, am I right?

So get ready to say your vows with the love of your life, and I’ll see you there! I’ll be sure to catch the best of you and your wedding, and show you things that you didn’t get the chance to see because you we’re having such an AWESOME time! I’ll be completely immersed in my work and you may spot me in a fat photographer’s yoga pose or two while I get a perfect shot, so try not to laugh too much!

You’re the glamorous ones around here, and I need to make sure you see what I see, no matter how funny I look!

Let’s get this wedding started!