Punta Cana Wedding Officiants

The exchange of vows between bride and groom becomes a public event sealed with a document in the presence of officiants. You can choose between symbolic, civil or religious ceremony. Each will have different preparation, document required and different officiant guiding you trough the process and ceremony itself.

Punta Cana wedding officiants may help in guiding the wedding planners on what’s needed during procession and how the vows are exchanged. That includes the music during the elements – lighting of Unity candle, putting on the cord and veil, etc. so there’s a cohesive script overall, including the Bible reading, or depending on what the couple’s theme or belief may be.

From start to finish, officiants will make your Punta Cana wedding ceremony a sacred celebration. Wedding guests are always excited to hear the officiant’s proclamation at the end of exchanging vows saying “you may now kiss the bride!”


Jehison A. Cabrera Guerrero



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