Wedding Favours in Punta Cana (Ideas & Providers)

Any wedding isn’t complete without gifts, surprises, and wedding favors! Nowadays, more and more ideas are presented by wedding planners and organizers for the couples’ dream – destination wedding or not – to be bursting with more fun, celebration, color, and life. Punta Cana wedding favors can be as extravagant as bottles of exquisite rum, Dominican cigars and Mamajuana, or as simple as scented candles, seashells and candies.

What can your guests take home to remember Punta Cana?

There are a wide variety of selection of wedding favors to share your wonderful memories with your guests who will be celebrating with you in your Punta Cana destination wedding. Fill DIY bags with guest photos that they will be taking in your Punta Cana wedding photo booth, a taste of Dominican coffee, a small Rum bottle, Punta Cana shot glasses and a wooden figurine. The uniqueness of the Dominican Republic will be best remembered by each wedding favor symbolizing the highlights of your Punta Cana destination wedding party. As you will be in an island, your wedding guests can expect a lot of sea and beach trinkets and jars of coconut candles, hand-carved wooden animals by the locals, clay dolls, maracas, natural handmade soap, and many more. You can never run out of ideas for your Punta Cana wedding favors!