Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Photo Delivery Timeline: When and How?

Within 1 to 2 weeks from your wedding day, you’ll receive a preview of around 100 best photos from the whole event, perfect for sharing online with your family and friends. All your other photos will follow within about a month, professionally edited and in highest resolution our cameras allow. All of your photos will be delivered in digital form over our server and they’ll remain accessible there indefinitely for convenient downloading.


  1. How can I decide for how long I need to hire photographer and videographer

To ensure all key moments are captured, sufficient time is essential. We’ll need a couple of hours to capture the preparations of both the bride and groom, starting with the groom and then the bride. About 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony, we’ll be at the gazebo to capture its decoration, the guests arriving, and the atmosphere. After the ceremony, we’ll gather everyone for group photos. We start with a photo of everyone together (as some people tend to leave after the ceremony), then the bride and groom can invite guests they want individual photos with. We like to take photos of the bridal party towards the end of all the portraits. After the posed photos, we’ll have a dedicated session with just the two of you. This is where we’ll capture those amazing shots we’re famous for. After your photo shoot we’ll just join everybody at the reception and keep capturing moments as the evening unfolds. The time we work until depends on what you want us to capture last – whether it’s speeches, a fire show, a lively party, or something else. Of course, the more time you give us, more photos you guys will have and they will be more creative since we will have more time to find best angles and use our creativity. With extra time, we can find the best angles and let our creativity shine.


Can I personalize my package

Our service structure is based on the hours you hire us for, giving you the freedom to create a package that suits your needs perfectly. You can choose whether you want one or two photographers/videographers, and they don’t have to work the same number of hours. The only requirement we have is that our working time should be continuous without any breaks.

What about external vendor fee

None of the venues outside of the resorts require external vendor fees. However, it’s common for most Punta Cana resorts to charge these fees. To keep things simple, we don’t include these fees in our prices because they differ from one resort to another. Rest assured, the only charges you’ll find in our prices are for our services.


What is the quantity of the photos that I will receive

Apart from the quality and creativity of the photos that we deliver, the quantity of the photos that you will receive is one more thing we are proud of. Here is the list of some of our weddings and the quantity of the photos we delivered:


– Kayla & Jason, Kukua wedding, 9 hours = 1811 photos,

– Cassandra & Don, Hard Rock wedding, 8 hours = 1531 photos,

– Samantha & Robert, Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana, 6 hours = 1123 photos,

– Simone & Kowan, Kukua wedding, 9 hours = 2036 photos,

– Cindy & Hector, Hard Rock wedding, 10 hours = 1901 photos,

– Anisha & Nitin, Hard Rock wedding, 5 hours = 1380 photos,

– Audra & Tyler, Secrets Cap Cana, 6 hours = 1232 photos,

– Jerelyn & Mariano, Kukua wedding, 8 hours = 1721 photos,


So, on average, we provide around 200 photos per hour. Of course, this also depends on the photo-worthy moments that unfold during your wedding. More fun you have = more photos I’ll capture.  Rest assured, we’re fully engaged throughout the event, continuously documenting. The only time we take a brief break is during dinner, typically around 10-15 minutes because at that time you guys will have a dinner and you don’t want photos of people eating.


What are Highlights and Documentary videos

Highlights video is a condensed, beautifully edited film capturing the most cherished moments of a wedding day. Set to music, it’s a visual masterpiece that encapsulates the key moments and heartfelt emotions in a short, cinematic and captivating format, allowing the couple and their loved ones to relive the magic of the occasion in just a few minutes. The typical duration of a highlights video is about 3 to 5 minutes.

Documentary video is edited in traditional wedding video style. It presents a chronological account of the wedding as it unfolded, preserving the event in its entirety. Simple cut transitions are used between clips and it retains the full audio of pivotal moments such as the complete ceremony and speeches. The length of the video varies based on factors like the duration of the ceremony, the number and length of speeches, in average from 10-15 minutes to 1 hour.


Advantages of choosing local Punta Cana photographer

The Dominican Republic isn’t just the fastest-growing economy in Latin America since 2010; it also ranks as the second most popular tourist destination in the region and stands among the world’s top wedding destinations. This translates to abundant experience for local Punta Cana photographers, often having captured thousands of weddings, varying with their years in the field. At Photo Cine Art, we proudly stand as one of the most experienced local photographers, boasting over 16 years of dedicated work as wedding photographers.