G’bye 2019, oh hey 2020!

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It is the end of the December and its officially time to look back at the best Photo Cine Art moments from 2019!

From the most meme-worthy events, to some jaw-dropping wedding moments, our 2019 adventures in wedding photography has been a quite some ride from start to finish.

We spent 2760 hours in editing room to delivered 72637 edited photos and 1486,56 minutes of edited videos; 936 hours to capture and film all the tears of joy, every nervous laughter and each uncle’s speech; All with 47 sleepless nights and 38 liters of friggin dope Dominican coffee, but hey, who’s counting!

We captured many, many sunsets, couple of storms aaand although Punta Cana is in the Caribbean, we have to say honestly, there was a few times when we all squealed and hid under the gazebo from the rain; But only to be rewarded in the next couple of minutes with awhh-ing rainbow!

Our weddings from 2019 (thus far!) got published In: PopSugar Modern Weddings Adriana Weddings Layers of Luxe…

Some of these unforgettable moments certainly deserve a spot in the best events of the entire past decade and everything was possible by so many incredible people that we met along the way! So, we want to shout out BIIIIIG thank you to amazing vendors and our gorgeous couples! Those were the people and events that draw a “F*@% YEAH” from our lips without hesitation!

But before preparing ourselves for what the new year (and the new decade!) might have in store, strap in for just some of our (and yours) favorite wedding photos from this past year:

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Table of Contents

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