Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Delivery Timeline: When and How? Within 1 to 2 weeks from your wedding day, you’ll receive a preview of around 100 best photos from the whole event, perfect for sharing online with your family and friends. All your other photos will follow within about a month, professionally edited and in highest resolution our cameras […]

The Best Wedding Venues in Punta Cana

Definitely Worth the Look While there are still couples who would go for traditional wedding ceremonies, others opt to veer away from conventional ceremonies that include the sun, sand, and island on their big day. If you dream of a white pristine beach and picturesque sunset wedding, there are many breathtaking Punta Cana wedding venues […]

Travel Agents for Your Wedding in Punta Cana

Don’t you want a stress-free wedding where you don’t need to worry about room accommodations for your guests, what food to eat, what mode of transportation will get you the easiest and fastest to your next location, and which island to explore?   Travel Agents that are specialists in Punta Cana and the Caribbean are […]

Excursions in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is not only a wedding destination, but also an enchanting place to be if you haven’t been this side of the world, in the east of the Dominican Republic. Families and groups of friends enjoy spending vacation here as it has now become a popular travel destination for beach lovers basking under the […]

Wedding Organizers in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is the only place in Dominican Republic kissing both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as the easternmost point on the island. It’s a resort town, a golfer’s destination, a remarkable choice for destination weddings well known for its 30 miles stretch of beaches and turquoise waters. Coconut trees mirroring the Ocean […]

Wedding Favours in Punta Cana (Ideas & Providers)

Any wedding isn’t complete without gifts, surprises, and wedding favors! Nowadays, more and more ideas are presented by wedding planners and organizers for the couples’ dream – destination wedding or not – to be bursting with more fun, celebration, color, and life. Punta Cana wedding favors can be as extravagant as bottles of exquisite rum, […]

Punta Cana Wedding Officiants

The exchange of vows between bride and groom becomes a public event sealed with a document in the presence of officiants. You can choose between symbolic, civil or religious ceremony. Each will have different preparation, document required and different officiant guiding you trough the process and ceremony itself. Punta Cana wedding officiants may help in […]

Wedding Entertainment in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

What’s a wedding without entertainment? A wedding is a celebration, a time to enjoy and be among friends and family as the bride and groom say their vows to each other — loved ones as witnesses. The best entertainment venues are in Punta Cana. You can experience paradise and live your dreams with the love […]

Wedding Cakes in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

A wedding isn’t complete without a cake! The betrothed couple deserve a well-decorated cake with the finest ingredients and a design that best matches the couple’s personality. In Punta Cana, a wedding cake isn’t only a featured background in photos but delicious food to remember when the newlyweds take their first bite together as a […]

Selected Punta Cana Florists for Your Wedding

Decorating the flower arrangement of your home and private space is easy. No one will ever complain if it ends up being lopsided, or even a disaster. After all, it is your house and design. However, when it comes to special occasions, where you are most likely to invite many guests, such as weddings, it […]